About Me

Why Write



Many of us search for a voice in a hostile culture. Most of us want a hero, or long to be one. What does it take to survive? What must be scarified? Is survival enough, or is there more to living? It has taken me years to learn to write and understand why I must. It has not been easy or fast-and I have so many to thank. The adventure and romance drives me still. I hope my writing motivates and entertains you as well. Thank you .

Lets Journey Together


Born with the horse gene, my first spoken word was "worsey" for horsey. I was drawing, painting and spinning tales of my imaginary equines for years.  My Medieval Fetish is nearly as long.  I am still married to my high school sweetheart and while raising our daughter and son, I researched the Middle Ages into Middle Age and and beyond.  I now live the horse dream and we run a boarding ranch in Santa Cruz County.  'Riting, riding, reading and sometimes 'rchery make up my four "R's"  The journey continues to find a voice, discover the inner hero and help others find theirs.